Scandinavian fireplaces

October 15, 2013 4 By Nordic House

As autumn draws in across the UK, bringing with it the stunning hues of changing leaves and ethereal mists that hang thick in the morning air, so too comes the fall in temperatures triggering our innate response – to reach for the thermostat. At this time of year, there is nothing more inviting nor soothing than the warmth, smell and sound of a beautiful open fire – a sight that is commonplace in homes all across Scandinavia. With temperatures that can plummet far below freezing, it is no great surprise to learn that fireplaces are a central feature in Nordic home design. I really love this element of Scandi living: the hearth truly is the heart of the home.

There is something magical about sitting hearthside and warming yourself against a seasonal chill. So for those lucky enough to enjoy an open fire, why not light yours and take a tour with me of some wonderfully inspired Scandinavian fireplaces?

And for those of you without a fire to light, light a beautiful candle and let the dance of the flames accompany our journey…

It is commonplace to design kitchens and bathrooms for ease of use, yet the Scandinavians value their fireplaces so much, a log store is often built in to the fire surround to keep the homes fires well stocked and burning bright.

This traditional beauty is a wonderful example of the Nordic custom of combining style with substance. As a large furnace, this would have been used to heat the entire home, yet in true Scandi style, no compromise was made in aesthetics!

For those without an open fireplace, grouping candles together at a range of heights can create a real feature and the varying heights mimic the flames of an open fire beautifully. Even if you don’t have an old fireplace to display them in, choosing a location in the room and creating your own focal point can make the most stunning spectacle! For further inspiration, take a look at our gorgeous range of candles.

The combination of the natural wood floors, fresh white walls and leather and wooden furniture all serve to make this room feel truly Nordic. The fireplace has been lovingly maintained and painted creating a wonderful feature.

With Christmas just around the corner, I couldn’t resist sharing this stunning Nordic scene, complete with a very typically traditional fireplace! Note also, the gorgeous use of candlelight to complete the warm and luxurious scheme.

This stunning Stockholm apartment shows how the fireplace is still integral to a Scandi home even in a more compact space. Though the fixtures and fittings are all modern, the traditional fireplace has not been sacrificed; on the contrary it has become a beautiful feature of design and function.

If you were to break this image down to the combination of elements, you’d find the natural wood table, the white-washed wooden walls, the use of glass and the neutral palette all sing of the Nordic interior tradition. The modern fireplace sits centrally in the room, honouring the Scandi custom of having the hearth at the heart of the home.

As this Scandi log burner shows, the fireplace can act as a room divider, separating different living areas in an open-plan environment. In this way, each area benefits from the warmth and comforting glow of the fire.

This modern home has taken full advantage of the Nordic tradition of making the fireplace the centre of the living space.

In historical terms, the fireplace was a life-saver providing warmth, heat for cooking and a wonderful space for the family to come together and share their lives. With a highly wooded landscape, fuel was plentiful and even with the onset of central heating, the traditional fireplace still plays a key role in the life of a Nordic home.

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