Seasonal Wellness: a Scandi-inspired Guide

October 3, 2018 0 By Nordic House

With autumn just around the corner, and winter following shortly behind it, our bodies, minds and spirits need a different approach to health and wellbeing. So we’ve created a Scandi-inspired guide for seasonal wellness through the cooler months.

While the summer brings buckets of vitamin D and fresh air, the cooler months can be just as nourishing. But if we expect to be able to have the same healthcare routine year-round, we simply don’t get the best each season has to offer.

Scandinavian countries have some of the harshest winter conditions, and yet some of the highest happiness and health scores in the world. It’s no wonder we look to them for inspiration in how they live throughout the year, but especially as the leaves start to turn and temperatures drop.

Here’s a short guide to increasing your wellness this winter:

1. Turn hand-washing into a ritual…

Whether you’re commuting and working in an office or coming into contact with school-age kids, chances are you’ll need to fend off the colds, coughs and bugs of the season. Which means plenty of hand-washing throughout the day!

Keeping your hands clean can be taxing, especially if you have sensitive skin or cold temperatures.

Turn it into a ritual with a beautifully scented hand soap (like our Lilac Bloom or Marsh Herbs soaps) that will remove the germs and replace them with a relaxing and refreshing scent.

Nordic hand soap and hand lotion with 100% natural ingredients

2. And then add moisture!

Once your hands are clean, they’ll need a boost of moisture to stop the cold getting to them. Leave a tube of your favourite hand cream on your desk, pop one in your handbag, or leave it by the bathroom basin so that you’re ready to replenish your skin.

Like so much of Scandinavian living, embracing nature can really help here. Use a hand lotion that makes the most of natural ingredients like essential oils and herbs, and doesn’t rely on parabens or colourants, which can dry out your skin even more.

3. Get plenty of sleep.

Our natural internal rhythms tell us darkness equals more sleep – and for good reason. Sleep allows our entire system to reset, including our brains, skin, and organs.

Wind down from your day about an hour before bedtime by taking a bath, reading a book, or doing some gentle yoga before you switch off the light. Your immune system, skin, and spirit will thank you for it.

Relaxing bedroom. Scandi bed linen.

4. Reduce artificial light.

It can be tempting in the darker months to keep things artificially light long after the sun has set. Especially with modern technology, there are plenty of distractions like phones, lights, and TV.

But all this artificial light can confuse our body clocks and overwhelm our senses.

Scandinavians have a long history of cultivating warm light in the winter months without using harsh electric light sources. The secret? Candlelight. Lighting a candle as the sun sets has a soothing and nourishing effect on our bodies and minds, and is a much kinder way to enjoy winter evenings.

5. Soften your skin with a salt scrub.

Use a natural salt scrub to exfoliate and soften your skin. Find one (like our Lilac Bloom or Marsh Herbs scrubs) that includes essential oils that will enhance your natural glow.

Scrubs are a great way to promote your circulation, which can become sluggish in the winter months. Stimulate the senses by gently rubbing your scrub in small circles over your skin.

Seasonal wellness tips. Salt scrub.

6. Take a moment to moisturise.

In the summer, we’re more likely to be taking care of our skin because it’s often more visible. Which means we moisturise it regularly, sometimes several times a day.

In the winter, it’s easy to go from the shower to fully dressed as quickly as possible to avoid getting cold! But taking just a moment or two to moisturise can boost your sense of wellbeing as well as your skin’s natural radiance.

Use a lovely body lotion, like our Marsh Herbs or Lilac Bloom lotions, and breathe through your whole body as you apply it after a shower or before bed.

7. Stay hydrated.

Again, staying hydrated in the summer feels a lot easier! We’re naturally warmer and thirstier, and less likely to be drinking hot, caffeinated drinks.

While we’re never going to deny you of your morning coffee or delicious tea, we do recommend more herbal teas that are warming, hydrating and detoxifying. Choose a lovely mug, and take a few deep breaths while waiting for the kettle to boil to enhance your sense of calm.

Wishing you wellness…

Just a few moments a day of self-care, calm and nourishment can shift your sense of wellbeing. From our home to yours, we wish you health and happiness this season.

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