Smart storage solutions

Smart storage solutions

January 27, 2015 2 By Nordic House

Efficiency is a way of life in Scandinavia. Whether it’s the way the Scandis heat their homes, how they decorate or how they make the most of their interior spaces, all decisions are made with an emphasis on streamlined interiors that function well for both work and play. In order to live in such an ‘easy’ way, the Scandis plan every inch of their homes to make sure that they make the most of all available space, with every nook and cranny serving a purpose! As everyone knows, creating an effective interior is difficult if it’s full of clutter, which is why that all-important element – storage – is the subject of today’s blog!

January is the perfect time of year to have a refresh of your interiors, and what better way to tidy up your space than to fill it with wonderful storage solutions?! We have some truly fantastic products on offer that are both decorative, adding a sense of style to your home, and also provide much-needed places to store all manner of bits and bobs! So, in the spirit of the new year and a fresh start, here are my top storage picks from the Nordic House shop… (click on the pictures to go through to the product’s page).

wooden blanket box

Clear the clutter with this oh-so-useful storage box, which is the perfect place to stow toys, shoes, bedding – the list is endless! Its wheels make it supremely versatile as you can move it wherever it is needed. Stylish detailing includes black metal vintage-look hinges, industrial-style castors, gentle distressing on the edges, and a soft painted finish that allows you to appreciate the natural texture of the wood-grain beneath. Guaranteed to bring cool, calm and collected Scandi style to even the busiest home.

storage boxes - nordic house

You can never have enough storage boxes – especially when they’re as good-looking and versatile as these cotton-covered beauties. Three sizes are available, each of which is adorned with old-fashioned printed type in keeping with our passion for vintage styling. Tailor-made for keeping treasured possessions safe and sound.

jute storage bag - nordic house

We love the honest, down-to-earth styling of this basket, which is perfect for creating extra storage space throughout the home. Fill it with kindling, veggies, towels or laundry – whichever you choose, you’ll love its sturdiness, its rustic simplicity and its rich textures.

stylish dipped baskets - nordic house


With their on-trend ombre bases, these beautifully hand-woven seagrass baskets will add texture and warmth to any scheme, especially an exquisite all-white Scandi interior. The three sizes are supremely practical for storage and display throughout the house – you can use them for towels in the bathroom, as a planter in the conservatory, for toys in the playroom or for veggies in the kitchen.

domed zinc trunks - nordic house

We found these wonderful decorative storage trunks in Sweden and immediately loved their vintage vibe. They come as a set of three, which means there’s no end to their uses, from stowing paperwork and clothing to photos and keepsakes. Each one has a domed lid, just like a treasure-chest, with handles on the sides and the top, and bands of contrasting aged metal.

mini vintage trunk set - nordic house

Sourced in Sweden, these mini vintage-style zinc trunks will add a retro flavour to any room! Purposely aged with a part rusty decorative finish, they will, just like leather, age more over the years.

danish display domes - nordic house

Show off found objects and treasured possessions under these pretty cloches, which have black wooden bases as a beautiful foil for the items inside. Perfect for smaller items, fill with anything from succulents to statuary, and they’ll soon become the focal point of your displays.

I hope these wonderful products have suitably inspired you to make 2015 the year you bring a touch of Scandi lifestyle to your home! In many cases, it’s not about throwing away your possessions, but often about displaying or storing them in a way that’s attractive and adds to your existing interiors. For even more inspiration, you’ll find my two Pinterest boards, on Creative Spaces and Office Spaces have plenty of ideas on how to inject some Scandi efficiency into your home!