Summer Bedding: style tips for the most relaxing room in the house

July 10, 2019 0 By Nordic House

Get your summer bedding out! An obvious and natural update for the summer is to swap out heavier duvets and blankets for lighter ones. This simple step is as essential for us in the UK as it is for our Scandinavian neighbours.

But rather than make it a purely practical task, changing the bedding from winter to summer can be a gorgeous style update and a ritual you love to uphold, year after year.

Lovely linen

One of the things we believe is worth investing in for your health and wellbeing is soft and tactile linen. It’s so incredibly lovely to sleep under, and works through the seasons to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Good quality linen feels very different to cotton – there’s something special about the way it folds and curves, and the surface texture is unlike standard cotton, too.

Made from Scandinavian flax linen, all our linen is carefully made in the Baltics for authentic Scandi style.

Scandi bedlinen

The lightness of being

If you’re thinking of changing your bedlinen for the summer, we recommend lighter colours, like blush pink, white or pale grey.

As well as colour, you can also opt for a levity of spirit with our pom pom trimmed linen – sophisticated and yet with a hint of whimsy for the lighter-hearted months.

Scandi bedding

How to style your linen bedroom

If you’re thinking about updating your summer bedding, make sure it feels just right for you. For our recent photoshoot, we went rustic with our bedroom styling. Recreate the look, or go a different way…


  • Use natural textures, like aged wood and gorgeous sheepskin
  • Explore vintage stores, antique fairs and local artists for nostalgic finds, like our shutters, repainted with furniture paint to coordinate beautifully
  • Collect dried flowers and botanicals – or even wildflowers – to style in vintage glass vases


Clean and contemporary:

  • Choose smooth white textures, like white washed wood or even lacquered finishes for those clean and crisp lines
  • Opt for beautifully made glass for bedside lamps and vases to keep things looking neat and tidy
  • Add a signature piece that fits with your favourite contemporary style statement – a coral picture frame, for example, or a velvet throw cushion



  • Collect beautiful brushed metal finishes for your bedside lamps, picture frames and decorative objects – gold, copper or silver are all stunning
  • Combine linen with sumptuous sheepskin on your bed, or as a rug to step into each morning
  • Create statements of luxury with oversized flower arrangements or groups of large hurricane lanterns and candles

Linen bedding

Our style secret: layering

The style secret every stylist wants to hold on to is layering. By adding variety to a room, you add interest, sophistication and a subtle thoughtfulness that elevates the feeling of the space.

Here are our favourite styling tips for bedrooms:

  • Layer textures, like linen, wood, ceramics, sheepskin, suede and glass. This gives your space a relaxed vibe, and enables you to embrace the purposely mismatched look.
  • Layer colours, combining lighter hues with richer tones that complement and enhance each other. Pale pink works beautifully with light or darker grey accents, or try blue and white with knitted accents for a coastal vibe.
  • Layer scents, which are often overlooked in the bedroom. In the summer, the natural fragrance of eucalyptus will connect you with your senses, especially when layered with a more subtle rose. Candles and diffusers can add fresh citrus tones, such as grapefruit and bergamot.


Embrace your inner stylist

We’d love to hear how you style your bedroom and beyond this summer! Tag us on Instagram using @nordichouse, or email us.


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