The beauty of driftwood

The beauty of driftwood

August 4, 2015 0 By Nordic House

Coastal living and driftwood – the two go together perfectly! In Cornwall where we’re based, we’re surrounded by evidence of the inspiration provided by these pieces of wood, which are found floating in the sea, or washed ashore. Driftwood is used everywhere – to create beautiful sculptures, to be used in furniture or accessories and even as decorations in fish tanks!

Being so beautifully aged, each piece of driftwood is completely individual, and I often like to wonder where it came from – has it washed up as a result of natural occurrences, logging, or is it even a piece of shipwreck?! The mind can wander and imagine what these wonderful pieces of wood have seen in their lifetime. Often gnarled and uniquely shaped by their years in the water, they take on a truly magical element with an almost mystical quality. We’ve been selling a few pieces made from this remarkable material over the past few years, as well as pieces made from reclaimed wood, and they’ve all proved incredibly popular – that’s why we’ve introduced even more pieces to our collection, and why I thought, in today’s blog, it would be nice to share these with you… (click on the pictures to buy!)


First of all, allow me to introduce to you this strikingly beautiful driftwood candelabra. A beautiful centrepiece that holds eight pillar candles, it’s one of the most popular pieces in our collection, often selling out as soon as it’s back in stock. A true investment buy that will be enjoyed for years!


If candelabras aren’t your thing, then I’m sure you will love our extra large hurricane lantern. I love the woven quality of it and its spherical shape – it truly commands attention and will make a fabulous talking point.


Continuing with the candle holder theme – take a look at these floor-standing beauties! Tall and graceful, they have a stunning rustic finish and would look wonderful either side of a fireplace.


Moving onto reclaimed wood pieces… these handsome planters are lovingly hand-made from salvaged wood and are truly a work of art. They’re just perfect for hosting any number of plants, enhancing their natural beauty.


In the same collection as the planters above, this lantern is also handmade from salvaged wood, complete with a hand-blown glass hurricane. We especially like the detail of the zinc trim, which complements both wood and glass alike.


Completing the collection are these tall reclaimed wood planters. Simply styled with angular zinc legs, we think they’re just perfect for bringing a touch of rustic charm to your interiors.


We’re really proud of our reclaimed wood pedestal – it’s not the sort of piece you find very often! Uniquely beautiful and striking, it has a real vintage vibe and is perfect for displaying a favourite trailing plant or treasure.


And finally, back to lanterns, we’re also massive fans of this beautifully hand-crafted, extra large candle lantern. It comes in two sizes, the smaller of which is below… Of course, each lantern is slightly different, making them true one-offs!


Here’s its smaller sister… We love the rustic finish of these wooden lanterns, which are chunky yet graceful and entirely in keeping with the lived-in look we’re such fans of at Nordic House.

The wonderful thing about all these pieces is that they would suit any home or interior – wood has such a timeless quality and never looks out of place against a pure white backdrop in a minimalist scheme, but would sit equally happy within a shabby chic setting. Natural wood pieces also age magnificently!

As ever, we’d love to hear what you think of our driftwood and reclaimed wood pieces, and would love to see how you use it in your home. Do leave us a comment below, or share with us some snaps on our Facebook page!