The Summer Edit: dining, decor and delight

The Summer Edit: dining, decor and delight

June 26, 2019 0 By Nordic House

Each season, we put together an edit of our very favourite new ranges as part of our Life & Style magazine. This week, we invite you to take a look at our Summer Edit!

Summer living, especially in Scandinavia, has an ease to it. The sunlight, the atmosphere, changes. Everything in our Summer Edit is designed to boost your happiness, inside and out.

Nordic House summer living

This summer, stay hydrated and refreshed with gorgeous glassware. Fill a jug with iced water, maybe adding a few berries, mint leaves or cucumber slices, and then sip from it throughout the day.

Outdoor candle hurricane

We’re embracing natural textures like rattan and jute for easy, stylish additions to your outdoor space.

Outdoor hammock

With so much summertime spent outside, there’s a natural pull towards updating the garden. Choose timeless zinc planters for your flora, and contemporary candle holders to dot around. Of course, there’s always our very favourite denim hammock to string between trees…

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