Treetop Tranquility: the Swedish Treehotel that’s high above the rest

Treetop Tranquility: the Swedish Treehotel that’s high above the rest

February 9, 2020 0 By Nordic House

It’s the childhood fantasy made real (and more luxurious): a hotel that comprises treetop rooms, deep in the forest. Nestled in the pine forest of northern Sweden, Treehotel is a unique and incredible getaway.

The views, the natural air, the treetop sauna – there’s so much to experience. And yet the hotel has been created with a slower pace and plenty of ease in mind. Nature is the ultimate de-stressor after all.

Sensationally Swedish

Kent Lindvall and Britta Jonsson-Lindvall, the visionaries behind Treehotel, are Swedish Lapland locals, and bring a wealth of local knowledge to the cuisine, the décor and the sensory quality of the hotel.

Each treetop room is completely unique, and, to be frank, each is a feat of vision and courage. There’s the Mirror Cube, designed to be camouflaged in its surroundings; the Bird’s Nest, which from the outside resembles a larger-than-life nest; the UFO, which is any sci-fi fan’s dream. And that’s only half of the bold, innovative design choices.

And there’s a real sense of Swedish home life and history, too, with a restaurant designed to resemble the home kitchen of the 1950s. It’s full of mismatched wooden dining chairs and mid-century design, providing a cosy canvas for incredible local produce.

You can’t escape the seasons in Scandinavia, but here at Treehotel, you can embrace them. The views from the bedrooms, the wander from reception to your exclusive space, and the food on the table are all informed by seasonal living.

It’s this deep respect for nature that also runs through the couple’s ecological values. Each individual space has been built sustainably and in harmony with its surroundings. It feels as though the forest has welcomed Treehotel with open arms.


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