How to use lanterns

How to use lanterns

October 8, 2014 0 By Nordic House

As I’ve said many times before, one of my favourite parts about the Scandi lifestyle is their use of candlelight, and especially candle lanterns. You’ll find them all over Scandinavia, providing a warm welcome to guests and creating a wonderfully tranquil atmosphere for dining and relaxing with friends. Without a doubt, the most popular items on the shop are our extensive range of lanterns, and every year we find more stunning designs to add to the collection. This is great, of course, but it does also mean I’m constantly adding to my personal collection too!

However, lantern use, while growing in popularity, is still not commonplace in the UK. In this post, I thought it would be helpful to share some beautiful styling ideas with you all, to show you how to incorporate these magnificent items into your home, to help bring a touch of Scandi magic to your interiors.

Most candle lanterns can be used both indoors and outdoors, but unless specified that they are suitable for permanent outdoor use, please do make sure you bring them indoors after each use. We also always advise customers not to leave candles burning unattended, so please do be careful!

1) Outside your front door

Obviously this look works best if you have a majestic flight of stairs sweeping up to your front door but, pared back, it can equally work well if you have a more humble entrance. Placing one large lantern to one side of your front door is very traditionally Scandi, and creates a wonderfully welcoming entrance.

brass lantern nordic house

You can also suspend lanterns either side of your front door to give a nostalgic look… our hanging brass lanterns are perfect for this! 

vintage rusty lanterns - nordic house

And our vintage rusty lanterns can be left outside whatever the weather – they will age beautifully!

2) In your hallway

Continuing with the entrance theme, the hallway is another key place to make the most of lanterns. A large dramatic lantern positioned on a console table, makes a stunning focal point and instantly adds interest to your hall.

Lanterns also look absolutely gorgeous lining the stairs. Even one large lantern at the foot of the stairs creates a beautiful ambience!

brass box lanterns nordic house

Our clean-lined brass box lanterns would work really well here – their simple structure allows the candle to take centre stage.

3) On your dining table

When entertaining, candle lanterns are the perfect way to add drama to your dining table. Of course, this works particularly well at Christmas, as pictured, and on other special occasions such as weddings! I love the way this table setting combines mini hanging lanterns with their larger relatives – it creates a truly atmospheric look and will make the meal especially memorable!


For a simpler twist on this idea, our rectangular box hurricane is perfect for placing along the centre of a dining table arrangement – mix up the size of the candles inside for added interest.

4) As part of a vignette

The best bit about candle lanterns is that they mix and match so well! Layering different lanterns of different shapes, sizes and heights can create a fabulously ‘styled’ look. Combining lanterns with treasured family photographs, plants and other decorative accessories is an easy way to incorporate them into your home.

big stainless steel lanterns - nordic house

Our versatile classic stainless steel lanterns are perfect for this look.

6) To brighten a lonely corner

canvas mesh lantern - nordic house

We all have those spots in our homes – those awkward spaces where furniture doesn’t fit, but which, when left empty, look a bit unfinished. This is where the freestanding candle lantern comes into its element! Here is the perfect place to position either one large lantern, or an attractive grouping of them, to bring light and interest to an otherwise disused space.

What do you think? I hope that this post has given you some inspiration on how to incorporate these beautiful accessories into your own home… And do check out our entire range of candle lanterns over on the shop! As always, you’ll find heaps more inspiration and ideas on all-things Scandi over at our Facebook and Pinterest pages – see you there!